The white color has always fascinated me professionally and I have always been drawn to the purity and simplicity that it imparts. As a result, the white color has been a meaningful part of my life, at home and outdoors, in my professional work as well as in my personal life. I perceive white not as a trend or as an easy and ordinary solution, but as a way of life, and as a timeless underlying concept that challenges the creative freedom.

The people, the connections, the concepts, and the materials are integral part of every house, apartment, office or space that I design. I create white cozy family houses by integrating old with new, modern with antique, refined with rustic. Made-to-order elements by my design fuse with furniture purchased in flea markets and carefully hand-picked accessories. A white background, peaceful and welcoming, embraces all of these elements and allows them exist in harmony with all the various artifacts, collections, and books that have been meticulously collected by my clients throughout the years.

My work excites me. I love to walk the process of realizing dreams and transforming them into a three-dimensional space, hand in hand with my clients. A space in which they live, work, and develop.


"The houses by my design have a soul, and they match perfectly every client’s needs, while expressing his/her personality and serve each and every one of them for years to come."



Our specialty is design and planning of houses, apartments, and office spaces. We are involved in various and challenging projects including construction, renovation, luxury homes, small apartments, work spaces, apartments in structures designated for historic preservation, and many others.

As a boutique design and interior design firm, we are fully committed to each and every project. We build meaningful and strong bonds with each and every one of our clients and we are fully involved in every stage of a project, and in every element, big or small. In working with us, we guarantee our full and undivided close support and attention, starting from the concept, through the process of designing the space and its optimal utilization, while paying attention, at every stage, to the smallest of detail and offering a perfect and fitting solution for every space, area, and element, all the way to choosing furniture, fabrics, and accessories.

We believe in creating a good design foundation; one that studies the project’s needs alongside its impositions, the lot, and your budget. The resulting design will ensure that the created space weathers time and serves you well. Each of our projects has a clear and well-defined overarching language. A language on which we uncompromisingly insist – Planning high-quality and comfortable spaces; use of a monochromatic and refined palette; and fusing contrasting elements and materials. That said, we create a distinct signature for each project that matches your dreams and needs.

The contrasts, the white tones, and the fusion between the different materials are a key component in the studio’s essence. We apply these elements to create contemporary, cozy, and pleasing spaces. Our design signature is coherent and characterized by a minimalist space design, complimented by inspiring materials and a personal statement. In our design work we combine the use of cold materials such as concrete and iron with soft and warm materials such as fabric and wood to create a uniquely eclectic space. The accessories are carefully hand-picked from a variety of locations according to the project’s nature and your personal style.



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